Art Gallery

If you collect Eastern European art and feel drawn to the works of well- known Bulgarian artists present in collections worldwide, you will find a wide array of paintings available at the gallery. Influenced by all modern and contemporary styles those artists are adding their own interpretation and individual local flair of originality. Highly appreciated for their courage to go beyond ideological lines, those artists were working under tremendous political pressure during the period between 1944- 1989. Their art managed to go outside of the matrix with its creativity and individuality thus inspiring their public admirers and converting them as forthrunners of change. In addition to their mastery as painters or sculptors the value of their works can be found in their intrinsic historical significance and the hidden message they convey.

When accepting a new artist to be represented in the gallery the owners are guided by the future value of the art work, rather than personal preferences or fleeting trends. Thanks to the friendly and expert gallery staff any foreign art aficionado can be quickly oriented in the landscape of various styles and select the best art piece for their personal collection.