The Museum at the Art Center Philippopolis hosts a collection that traces individual authors’ styles, trends and achievements of Bulgarian art from end of the 19th century to present day. The Museum art pieces witness the history of the Bulgarian people after the Liberation from Ottoman dominance to modern times, embodying legends, stories, artists’ fortunes, and events. An enchanting experience for visitors from all over the globe.  

Connoisseurs of Bulgarian art before the WWII will recognize exemplary works by Vladimir Dimitrov – The Master, Nenko Balkanski, Tzanko Lavrenov, Nikola Tanev, Sirak Skitnik, and many others.

Nostalgia collectors are amazed to see the way painters, living in communist Bulgaria, escaped from the "socialist realism" trap and managed to express their vivid talent by following the post-modern Western trends. Artists such as Dimitur Kazakov – Neron, Svetlin Rusev, Encho Pironkov, Genko Genkov, Dimitur Kirov, Kosta Forev, Teofan Sokerov, Angel Vasilev, whose paintings are part collections worldwide, find their prominent place in the Philippopolis Art Center Museum.