Each space of the Art Complex Philippopolis has its own charm and specific ambiance.

The main restaurant
is set in the elegant Viennese style from the glamorous 20s of the twentieth century. Wood panels, crystal mirrors and soft light mix with original paintings to give a touch of art to the romantic settings. Set for up to 48 guests, the main restaurant is the place for quiet enjoyment of food and fine wines or a room for short coffee break with pastries while visiting the Old Town.

Philippopolis Garden Restaurant opens with the first mild days in early spring and welcomes guests to the last golden-lit evenings in late autumn. With its magnificent views on the city, this is the secret corner for those who like French Provençal settings, combined with the sophistication of European cuisine. In the summer the blooming flowers and cool shades feel like breeze over the romantic decor of the Old Town.

In the last few years, the VIP Private dining rooms in the Museum became the most fashionable place in Plovdiv for exclusive lunches and dinners set in a unique ambiance of art and elegance. Political leaders from around the world and international corporations have the privilege to organize their events at the MuseumVIP halls. Famous movie and music stars, romantic couples, business movers and shakers chose these spaces for an unforgettable lunch or dinner surrounded with classical Bulgarian art pieces.