Anton Mitov

Painter, art critic. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. A professor in Art History, perspective and drawing methods and a two- time chair of the Art Academy in Sofia. Mitov was one of the biggest advocates for the creation of the Drawing School in Sofia, and was the editor of the first Bulgarian magazine oriented towards the arts - “Art”. A focal point of his work are paintings with folk themes. He is drawn towards the vibrant folk costumes, the booming market crowds and the emerging life in provincial towns. He left behind a large number of folk compositions and paintings on war subjects from the Balkan War of 1912-1913. Staying true to the natural reality of things is a defining characteristic of his art. He actively participated in the decoration of the Alexaner Nevski Cathedral. Facilitator of the first art exhibitions in Bulgaria, in which he participates, along with many representative exhibitions abroad, for which he received a series of high recognitions. Today many of his significant works are out of the country.

Encyclopedia of Fine Arts in Bulgaria, Volume II, M-R, Sofia, 1980, BSA