Elisaveta Konsulova- Vazova

Elisaveta Konsulova Vazova is one of the first Bulgarian female artists. The wife of Boris Vazov, the youngest brother of the writer Ivan Vazov, and the mother of the artist Binka Vazova. Elisaveta Konsulova Vazova was born in Plovdiv in 1881. She graduated the Drawing School in Sofia under professor Yaroslav Veshin, with a degree in painting. Specialized in portraiture in Munich, at the Fellowship of Women Artists between 1909 and 1910. Her first exhibition in 1919 in Sofia is the first solo exhibition of a female artist in Bulgaria. Portraiture as a genre takes a major role in her work. In 1961 she was awarded a “Cyril and Methodius” medal of first degree.
  • „Тежкият път“

    Oil on canvas

    60 сm - 65 сm 

    Composition with two figures in the foreground and a street in realistic style


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  • „Голо тяло“

    Oil on cardboard

    42 сm - 37 сm 

    Etude of a female nude in impressionistic style


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