Nikolay Rainov

Painter, writer, art historian. Graduated from the Theological Seminary in Sofia and later studied philosophy at the University of Sofia; in 1919 graduated from the Industrial Art School, Sofia with a degree in decorative art. Specializes in Art History at the Industrial Art Academy in Paris. Head librarian at Ivan Vazov National Library in Plovdiv. Member of the Bulgarian Archaeological institute and president of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, 1944. Actively involved in artistic, literary and social work. Researches the arts and culture of eastern civilization, whose lore and folklore is a source of inspiration for him. He is the author of a number of books of legends, proverbs, fairy tales, short stories, poetry, essays, plays and novels. As an artist he works mainly as a decorator. He designs and illustrates a lot of magazines and almost all of his own literary works. He creates original decorative shapes using mostly botanical motifs, which he then turns into ornaments. An element of whimsy is predominantly present in many of his works. Works widely as an art theorist and art historian. Researches various philosophical movements and traces their influence on the creative work of individual artists. Embraces and defends the principles of individualism, Vienna secession, and symbolism.

Encyclopedia of Fine Arts in Bulgaria, Volume II, Sofia, 1980, BSA