Tsanko Lavrenov

He graduated High School at the French College of Plovdiv. Since early age he shows inclinations towards painting, but various obstacles prevent him from acquiring academic training. His brief stay in Vienna and his travels throughout Italy enrich his knowledge on the subject of art and panting. He establishes his own creative style, originating from Bulgarian folk painting. A defining quality of his work is the harmony of vibrant colors and the pattern of shapes. On Mount Athos, where he spends 100 days, as well as during his travels throughout Macedonia, he creates sketches in color and in black and white, which he later reworks into paintings. Thus his impressive “Monastery cycle” is created. Through deep insight and heartfelt work he also manages to recreate the atmosphere, folklore and spirit from the Bulgarian Revival. Lavrenov also creates graphic works, engravings on wood and linoleum.

Encyclopedia of Fine Arts in Bulgaria, Volume I, Sofia, 1980, BSA