Welcome to Philippopolis Art Center

Philippopolis Art Center is an emblematic institution hosted in a beautiful historic building in the Plovdiv's Old Town – UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Tentative list. Founded in 2003 to showcase a private art collection, covering masterpieces from the classical Bulgarian Revival period to famous contemporary artists' works, Philippopolis Art Center is a magnet for art lovers from around the globe. Favorite of both Bulgarian and foreign collectors of modern and contemporary art, the gallery attracts with its rich selection of Bulgarian famous painters' works.

The impressive, masterfully restored house of Hadji Aleko Tzvetkov, a wealthy Bulgarian merchant, originally built in 1865, hosts also a gourmet restaurant with a garden overlooking "Kapana" - the artistic part of Plovdiv - the future European Capital of Culture in 2019.   

Attracting local and international art collectors, as well as food and wine connoisseurs from Plovdiv and around the world, Philippopolis Art Center is an iconic place offering lifetime experiences for those who love creativity, elegance and gourmet pleasures.