How to purchase a piece of art

If you want to purchase a piece of art, first select it and click on it. If you see the "Buy" button, you will know that this piece of art, print or souvenir is available for purchase.

Our advice is to come in person at the gallery, since Internet images often do not display properly the richness of colors and details that you see in the original.

PLEASE NOTE: Philippopolis Art Center sells only original pieces of art. All dimensions are in centimeters. Information about all details of the art piece given on the website is also replicated on the Original Certificate accompanying the purchase.

Prints are marked clearly as non-originals. They contain all the pertinent information about the author, dimensions, techniques and style of the original painting.

If you have any questions, please call us or use the Contact form to ask our knowledgeable curators and art gallery staff.